Level in Record Speed With Zygor Guides

Zygor’s 1-85 Leveling Guides for the World of Warcraft is considered by many serious players as one of the most competent, professional and highly detailed in-game add-ons currently available in the gaming market. Zygor guides have garnered heaps of good feedback from WoW players all over the world. These on-screen leveling guides are undoubtedly the most efficient add-on for your Horde or Alliance characters, especially for players who have been wanting to improve their leveling speed and boost their efficiency. 

Since Zygor guides are developed as an in-game plug-in, you don’t need to press alt-tab to jump from screen to screen, and there won’t be a need for a separate leveling guidebook. The directions and hints provided on your computer screen allow you to focus on the actual questing. This impressive leveling system considerably increases the speed and efficiency of your character, whether your choice is Horde or Alliance. If you follow the exact directions, you can level smoothly from levels 1 through 80 in around one week. 

John ‘Zygor’ Cook, the founder and developer of the guides, has given great effort to make these highly comprehensive Warcraft leveling guides. He is a very proficient player and he is well respected within the gaming community. His achievements and reputation as a Warcraft player is nothing short of remarkable. He is regarded as an ‘old hand’ in Warcraft, which he mastered since the beta testing stages when the first Warcraft version was launched. Zygor learned the ins and outs of the game, and eventually he was able to develop particular paths for questing which improves leveling efficiency and cuts down the amount of time. Moreover, Zygor identified quests that are useless and time consuming.

The World of Warcraft community began to notice Zygor, when he was able to level up almost all of the characters at an amazing speed. People checked out his speed runs he posted in the official WoW forum and asked him about his strategies on how he was able to level his characters that fast. Zygor came up with an idea of developing an effective World of Warcraft leveling guide to teach committed gamers how to level as fast and efficient as he did. 

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