Saturday, May 12, 2018

Zygor Guides Review

Update: NOT Recommended

I wouldn't recommend getting Zygor guides. Many people plus myself report that their WoW account got banned just weeks after using the Zygor leveling guide. I understand many people use Zygor with success, but there is likely a higher risk of ban than you think. Please check the comment section at the bottom of the page for many reviews from people who got banned by Blizzard. If you've been banned and just discovered this page please go ahead and share your experience in the comment section.

The good news

I got banned after one month of use. So I would not recommend Zygor guides. Instead, I have used the Ultimate WoW Guide to level 6 toons to 120 in just 4 weeks of played time! The Ultimate WoW Guide has made WoW fast, easy and way more enjoyable for me. I am making 3000 plus gold per month at auction with the gold guide. So why not give the Ultimate WoW Guide a try on a toon with their FREE leveling guide below?

The Ultimate WoW Guide best alternative...

From ronniejw at Zygor forum:


I was banned from WOW today. Here is the reason they gave me:

"This account was closed after a Blizzard Entertainment investigation produced evidence indicating the account was associated to multiple accounts that participated in exploitative activities."

I've only had an account for one month with plans to set up one for my stepson when he got back from vacation. I have no idea what I did wrong and they won’t tell me. All I did was play the game. I've never purchased gold from anyone or paid for power leveling or anything at all like that.

I wonder if making 2500 in gold during my first month had anything to do with it. I just bought things cheep and sold them for more on the auction house. Is that against their rules? Or maybe it’s because I was leveling too fast.

I’m so angry at this company. How can they get away with selling me all that software and then closing my account without giving a specific reason or presenting the evidence they claimed to have?

It’s criminal! They won’t be getting any more of my money. 

From littled at Zygor forum:

hello everyone, the other day I started a new WoW account and I also bought the Horde level guide for $40. I have been playing the past 3 days and got to level 50 using the guide (it was very useful). But this morning I tried logging in and it said my account was closed due to "Exploitative Activity: In-Game Chat Policy Violation - Advertisement and Spamming".

I do understand why this happened because I am 110% certain I did not due any chat spamming for any type of program nor did I insult or use any harsh language while I have been playing. So I am woundering did zygor somehow make my account spam anything that is not allowed by blizzard? and Zygor is 100% legal and cannot get banned form it right? 

From eugene719 at Zygor forum

Blizzard has banned my account for using your Alliance leveling Guide, a refund would be in order.

Zygor Guides Review

I took the Zygor Leveling Guide for a test-run on my alt account with a level 33 Warlock and a level 40 Paladin. The first thing I noticed was that the quests are selected for your class. I didn’t have to weed out any that would be too hard for the warlock to solo. The other nice thing is that you can skip forward on the quests. The Zygor add-on has this option that lets it analyze your level and it gets rid of the quests that aren’t worth doing and shows you only the ones that’ll actually help you level up. It was easy to get my Warlock another 15 levels in only a day of following Zygor guides. The Paladin leveling guide was even easier for me and I never had to do anything but let the guide show me where to go next.


Zygor guides interface has two different options. One has a lot of designs and animations and the other is simple and straightforward. Both of them are really clean and they blend in well with the WoW interface and aren’t too distracting. I like the display option that doesn’t show all the animations and stuff, so I set it to that and everything still worked great. I kind of wish the simple interface was the default option, but switching is no big deal – 9.5/10 here.

Ease of Use

This is definitely 10/10. It was really easy to setup. Zygor guides detects where you have WoW installed and automatically unzips to the right folders and everything. You can launch WoW directly after it’s installed and everything runs right off. Once you have the guide up and running, it’s totally simple to follow and takes you step-by-step from one quest to the next.


Ok, lots of features here. There’s an interface that automatically detects your class for you, and puts all the info you need right there. No looking anything up in an ebook or on the web. There’s an awesome option that lets Zygor guides pick your talent points for you automatically. That means no looking through forums trying to find the right build. And if you decide to go with something else, you don’t have to let Zygor guides pick for you. There’s also a pretty cool directional arrow that’ll show you how to get to where you need to go for your quests if you don’t already know the way. Basically this gives you everything you need to level your character up in game without having to resort to online wikis, forums or other stuff that’ll take you out of the game. This is a 10/10 for me.

Best Feature

I like that Zygor guides saves you time and running back and forth by grouping quests together that take you to the same place, or places that are close together. This way I didn’t have to spend a lot of time traveling instead of leveling. Really shaves some time off of the leveling process if you’re trying to get your alts up to speed as fast as possible.


I only ran into one problem when I was using Zygor guides, and that’s the flight path recognition. Zygor guides doesn’t’ always know when you have a flight path or not, so sometimes it’ll suggest one that you already have. You can always skip anything that you’ve got already, but if it doesn’t recognize a lot of flight paths it can be a little annoying.


I think this is a good guide for a lot of different types of players. If you’re trying to level an alt to get into a guild, it’s great. If you’re brand new, you’ll get the most use out of it since it starts at level one. If you want to solo but not grind, it’s definitely a must have. Everything I did to level I did through quests in the Zygor guides. If you love WoW and love leveling new alts but you hate grinding, get Zygor guides. For the price, it’s totally awesome and definitely pays for itself in convenience. 

Total score: 8/10.

Links to the Ultimate WoW Guide are affiliate links.This mean we get a small commission when you buy the Ultimate WoW Guide.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the honest review. If only saw this before buying Zygor guides. I too got banned after about one month of Zygor guides.

Unknown said...

I'll try the ultimate wow guide as Zygor clearly isnt save..

Steven Arnold said...

I have been using Zygor guides for over a year now. Zygor will not get you banned. You were probably hacked.

BigMike said...

Hacked is the same excuse Zygor gave me. It took only 2 weeks to get banned using Zygor guides. But i got my money back though.

Todd said...

Stay away from zygor guides people unless you don't mind losing your wow account.

Kamchak said...

That is not possible by any level.

Zygor guides are in compliance with all rules set by Blizzard to such an extent that ALL GM's I have ever spoken with know I have and use Zygor Guides, and I have NEVER been warned nor banned.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna risk it with zygor guides. Its only a few dollars.

ctkdjane1 said...

I never heard of a account being banned cause of a leveling guide being used. I could see maybe if you were using a hack or like some said if your account was hacked and used to spam then yes. But were you perm banned or temp banned as in a few days? And what was the reason they said you were banned? Cause I am sure they will need to know.

Thelootgnome said...

I would tread extremely carefully of an 'addon' that you have to ultimately pay for. There are plenty of website guides for how to play WoW, and many addons that will do some of what the guides seem to promise to do.

Charles said...

Zygor got me banned too, Zygor gave me a refund but still blames hacking.

Anonymous said...

I tried the Zygor leveling guide as it was only a few dollars. I leveled 3 toons to 120 plus made a ton of gold with the gold guide. And then, I get banned and lost everything. Its not worth the risk people. Perhaps the ultimate wow guide is a better option. I will give that a try and report back.

Dave said...

Thanks for the heads up on Zygor guides. Glad I discovered this review before buying as I would hate to be another banning victim. Thanks again.

Andrew baker said...

I think I'll avoid getting Zygor guides way too many people are getting banned. And thanks for the ultimate wow guide alternative I'll give that a try on a toon and see how it goes.

Paul said...

Your wrong. I got banned after 2 weeks and so have many others.

Phil said...

The ultimate wow guide is best. I'm making 3000 gold per month and leveling is fast. I got the ultimate wow guide because it works out cheaper with no risk of ban.

Amy said...

Zygor guides sucks. I got banned too and lost 2500 gold.

John Ackinson said...

Is there a cheaper option than dugi? it's quite expensive.

Anonymous said...

Yes zygor guides gets you banned from wow. I found out the hard way.

Sparky said...

I took the zygor leveling guide for a test run back in March of this year. I made over 2000 gold and got 2 toons to level 110, leveling was super fast. Then I get an email from blizzard to say my account gets permanently banned. I know many people use zygor guides with success but many still get banned by blizzard. It's not worth the risk imo.

Anonymous said...

Zygor guides sucks. It got me banned after just two weeks of use.

Joe said...

I'm glad I found this review before buying Zygor guides. Would hate to waste all that time only to have the ban hammer come down on me.

Anonymous said...

I have been using Zygor guides for 3 years now and have never been banned nor warned. Some people are just unlucky I guess.

Tomnosic said...

Zygor got me banned too. Not happy at all as I wasted a lot of time.

Sarah said...

Zygor is somehow making peoples accounts get flagged as spam. I will avoid and go with dugi instead.

Reagle said...

Thanks for the ban warning and honest zygor review. I'll avoid zygor guides. Get banned really sucks.

Pixie said...

Personally I find buying gaming guides pointless. There are multiple sites online that provide the content you want to look up for free and the Q system has evolved to make Qs extremely easy to complete. Also guides like Zygor are usually out of date, containing pre-release info which didn't make the final release.

Oktag said...

I bought Zygor Guides. I am very happy with them.

A friend and I decided to level a couple new characters together. I used my Zygor Guide, he did not.

When he finished 50 quests in the game, my friend was at level 10. When I finished 50 quests I was just past level 14. So in the same number of quests completed I gained 4 levels more then he did without the guide.

When he finally completed leveling at 85 he had completed 3, 065 quests. I only completed 1, 910 quests.

yes, Zygor guides are worth the money.

As for getting banned I dont know about that it has not been my experience.

Darkthorne said...

Zygor is great but what they are not clear about is that there is a monthly subscription fee of 15$ to keep getting updated content......oh but the addon is free....

Anonymous said...

I use zygor guides with success. Made 2000 gold at auction per month with Zygor gold guide. Leveling with Zygor guides is about 50% faster.

rk92505 said...

I first purchased Zygor about 6 years ago from this day. Back then there was no monthly membership so each guide had to be purchased life time up front. I was a bit cautious to spend that much money on an in-game add-on when there were similar ones that were available for free. Soon after I realized Zygor was one of the "you get what you pay for" examples where the quality of guide was so far superior to the free alternatives I actually ended up buying even more guides than I originally intended. Over the years Zygor has improved in the quality of there guides, as well as now offers guides far beyond just simple questing. I think in the past 6 years I have only reported 1 or 2 bugs to the forums and each time I got an almost immediate response from the Zygor admin account to help me with the issue. I have been playing WoW on and off since the release of Cataclysm and have leveled numerous characters multiple times and without a doubt do I believe Zygor is the only reason I have leveled 80% of the characters I have. The fact that you can now get every single guide for such a small monthly payment is a no-brainer and was the rite path to go down for Zygor. Hopefully the company continues to grow and offer quality guides as it does now.

Here's to another 6-years

xenoaurora said...

Hey everyone, with the recent fixes to the SiS system and some sceptics i saw in the forums i wanted to post my detailed experience with zygor.

I started using zygors guides late into WotLK. I was the person that was terrible at leveling cause i would out level an area, and not be sure where to go to get more quests, if they were even my level and would get super frustrated. Thus i only had 1 max level character since the release of WoW.

I have tried many guides, basically almost all of them on the market except zygors, somehow it just slipped through fates hands and never fell in my lap. Untill a friend told me he found and it and was doing the Free Trial and loved it.

I downloaded the free trial and gave it a go on a freshly rolled alt. IT WORKED FLAWLESSLY. I was impressed enough i decided to go ahead and buy for just the horde since i dont play many alliance toons. I loaded it up on a toon that was ~33 or so and in the middle of a couple quest chains. Watched the video about SiS and how to use it, and put it to use on my in progress toon. Boom! quests objectives and travel steps going flying by. It occasionally stopped for a flightpath in which i would confirm i had it, and back to zipping away.... then stop! The first quest zygor wanted me to complete.

I will admit the first few quests when your using the SiS can be a bit shaky. But within a good half hour of following the guide, i was completely back on track and made up for any steps i had skipped or missed. At first it felt like like a ton of running to catch up to the guide, but once i was on track it was super fast.

Then came the WotlK dailies guides. I thought to myself, why should i buy this guide, i do ok on money. But went ahead and bought it to give it a try. There was nothing better than completing all my dailies within 1-1.5 hours a day. Gaining all the rep, Boe's, and having a near idiot proof guide, tell me where i need to go and what i need to do, what items to use, etc.

Skip ahead to Cata. I purchased zygors guide the day Cata came out and logged in and it was NEAR perfect. Blizzard changed a couple things, and there was really nothing that could be done, you just skip a step or two and keep chugging along in the guide. Following zygors guide i hit 80-85 in ~24 hours played. Maybe not the best times out there, but for sure not the worse. Not to mention i got my cata lore achievement for following the guide to the T, instead of using SiS.

When some guildies asked how i already completed it all, i pointed them to zygors. Another laughed and said you use a guide, i had mine a couple days before you. I kindly replied, "Im a player with a limited amount of time to play, i dont want to have to go to wowhead or another site in order to complete a quest and figure out where to go. I dont want to do a couple quests and have to figure out where to go next."

In summary zygor guides provides some the most detailed, and helpful guides on the market. Not to mention that their customer support and new content updates is unmatched. I have never seen a guide company to this day, output as much content, new guides, fixes, and support. I mean zygor provides, leveling both alliance and horde, dailies, rep grinding, farming paths for the nether drake eggs, and more.

If your even considering buying this guide, or any updates, such as the dailies. DO IT. Its worth every penny. Thank you zygor for the amazing product that has made my time in game more effective which to me = more fun!

Paul said...

Where did those positive reviews come from? Is zygor posting comments here?

Unknown said...

Its pretty obvious your just trying to sell this other leveling guide to get commissions, IF Zygor was against blizzard TOS (which its not) then the guide you are trying to sell would be also. I'm kind of wondering if you even play WoW because you think you had an account banned because you made 2500G in a month? Thats pretty bad, 2500 a day is a little better but still not even enough to get a token.